Veterіnary insamination program

VIP Program – Intrauterine insemination

Do you believe it’s possible to reach up to 100% success in the fertilization of sows?
With the VIP Program, it is.
The VIP Program is the sow insemination system that will bring the best results for your breeding of pigs.

What is the VIP Program?
A Veterinary Insemination Program that allows the insemination dose to be inserted BEHIND THE CERVIX and directly into the horns of the uterus. It is therefore called an intrauterine system.
The basis of the system is the VIP catheter with a universal foam head and a tube, which contains a folded membrane.
The VIP catheter always improves on the results of classical insemination.
The VIP catheter is an upgrade that allows results that cannot be reached by classical insemination.
The VIP catheter is the highest level of artificial sow insemination.

How does the VIP Program work?
Transfer of sperm into the uterus is resolved by a unique system, which allows a nonspemicidal membrane to be inserted into the tube. This membrane is specially folded so that simple hand pressure can transfer it past the folds of the cervix. The membrane acts like a pipe that transports the sperm past the cervix. Once it passes the cervix, the sperm diffuses into the horns of the uterus.

Advantages of the VIP Program!

The construction of the VIP catheter allows for the safe transfer of the insemination dose directly into the uterus. There is no risk of damage to the internal sex organs as the membrane is soft. The VIP catheter is individually packaged – this allows a high standard of insemination hygiene. The sperm are transported into the sex organs in a hygienic way (through the membrane). The membrane is ejected from the inside out and therefore no impurities can be transferred from the outside.
The sperm do not pass through the immunity portal of the cervix, there is therefore no selection and all of the sperm from the applied insemination dose have a chance to fertilize the egg. A very simple method that can be quickly learned.

A high percentage of pregnant and farrowing sows mean stability for the production of pork meat. It is also important for the effective use of birthing points and places in the feed, whichmeans stable turnover and cash flow.
A reduction in the number of non-pregnant sows i.e. reducing the number of infertile days (one non-productive sow day is an expensive costs).
A reduction of fertilization fluctuations between insemination tours means a stabilization of results.

The insemination system is modified according to the specifics of the farm. The time spent on insemination is reduced. The insemination of sows in rut/on heat takes approximately 1 min.
Manipulation with the boar is not necessary during the insemination itself.
The VIP Program is not demanding when it come to time intervals between inseminations, so there is room for changes in organization of work.
It is recommended that the first inseminations with VIP catheters are done after the insemination technicians undergo a simple training and under the supervision of a HEMA reproduction specialists.

Why are results better with the VIP Program better than with classical insemination methods?

  • Because the sperm in the insemination dose are inserted directly into the womb of the sow (With the classical method the sperm is inserted at the beginning of the cervix. Here the sperm must overcome the immunity barrier of the cervix in order to enter the uterus. A large number of sperm are damaged or liquidated at this point, which significantly lowers the number available to fertilize the eggs.
  • Because the sperm in the insemination dose do not pass through the immunity barrier and a maximum of good sperm remains to fertilize the egg.
  • Because we therefore have more quality sperm available to fertilize the egg, which is inserted deep into the sex organs i.e. into the uterus.
  • Therefore there has to be a higher percentage of fertilized sows and a higher percentage of piglets born with the aid of the VIP Program than with classical insemination methods.